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Who We Are

Well planned

Can you tell the difference? The difference between giving something a fleeting thought, and thinking something through? The difference between a good start, and making the most of something?

That's us. We think twice and act.

ERI has grown organically and has advised private clients on real estate ever since it was founded 1998. You will quickly realize that at ERI all partners still advise personally.

Delight in the fact that you have found a Real Estate Broker which has an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and of the customers and practices in this sector.

We are neither too large nor too small. This is why we are particularly efficient, competent and able to deliver promptly.

What We Do – Transparency

Investing in real estate can be complicated. For that reason, we carefully listen and explain all the steps in the buying and selling process.

We strive to create trusting relationships with our clients.

How We Do It – Confidentiality In Representation

You can decide who you want to be informed about your real estate activity. We will always keep your information confidential, as far as law permits.

We can represent you in a real estate transaction as either as Buyer’s Representative or a Seller’s Representative, and you will receive our commitment in writing.